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About joining us


There are three different types of memberships


Full membership

Full membership allows your children to participate in Monday classes and all other program activities.


Associate Membership

Associate members do not participate in our Monday classes but may participate in our sports teams, field trips, or other activities.   

Dual Credit Membership

This is for High School Age students that meet the dual credit class requirements.  For the 2019 Spring semester,  high school students must be in 10th grade or higher and have a minimum of 18 on the ACT.  Student would only participate in the Dual Credit class.  Cost is $50 per semester.  Follow the instructions below if you are interested and mail the completed paperwork to us by Nov. 12, 2018.


To apply please click on the ENROLL NOW button below.  PRINT OUT and COMPLETE the application then mail it to:

Georgetown Homeschool Group

Box 823

Georgetown KY 40324


The application for enrollment contains one copy of a medical release form.  Each child must have a medical release form filled out in order to process your application.  The button to the right will allow you to print the medical release form separately.

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