Become a Member of GHG!


  • Take a look around our website!  You will get a great picture of who we are and what we do.

  • Read our Statement of Faith and Statement of Commitment.

  • Still have questions?  Fill out the contact form and someone will happily get back with you to answer any questions you may have.

  • Keep your eyes open for one of our open house days in the spring and fall.

GHG has three types of membership:

  • Full Membership - Includes all GHG has to offer - Monday classes, athletics, field trips, EXPO, testing, parties, programs, clubs, Kindergarten/Senior graduation, etc. (See Tuition)

  • Associate Membership - Includes field trips, athletics, EXPO, testing, clubs, programs, etc - Does not include Monday classes and Kindergarten/Senior graduation. ($25 per family per year)

  • Dual Credit Membership - For High School students who meet the dual credit class requirements set forth by the college.  For dual credit classes, students must be a sophomore or older and have a minimum score of 18 on the ACT.  Students would only participate in the dual credit class.  The cost is around $50 per semester.  Dual Credit Membership is only offered when we are offering a Dual Credit class for our high school students (so not every semester). You are not required to pay the $25 application fee for Dual Credit Membership, but you do have to fill out the required application forms.

If you think GHG would be a good fit for your family:

  • Complete the Membership Application

  • Mail your application along with your signed Statement of Faith, Statement of Commitment, Release of Liability, Background Check Form, Medical Release for EACH of your children, and Application Fee ($25, non-refundable).


Please note - There may be a few reasons why your participation in our group may not be beneficial for your family. We are a co-op fully operating with each family participating fully in contributing by teaching, monitoring, cleaning, serving, ect. Simply put, we are unable to be completely successful without each family participating to the fullest. We are limited by facility and classroom size, as well as our desire to keep student to teacher ratios low to maximize your child's learning in class. Additionally, if your child showed difficult behaviors in other school situations, he/she could possibly show the same behaviors in our classrooms. Unfortunately, we are not prepared to deal with such situations. Lastly, our teaching staff is made up of parents, none of which have formal training in teaching children with special needs. If your child has special needs and requires something outside of a typical classroom atmosphere, we are likely unable to provide that accommodation due to our limitations in special training for such situations.   


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Join using our HSLDA link and members of the Georgetown Homeschool Group will receive a $15 discount (new HSLDA members only). Joining HSLDA is a great way to support homeschooling freedoms and homeschooling in Central Kentucky at the same time!